About me

Born in the 70s in Thisted, in a very cold and remote northern part of Denmark. Grew up in a small suburb just outside Copenhagen. Lived in Copenhagen with my wife for about 14 years and are now enjoying life immensely in Vejle.

Didn’t do much else than play games on my Commodore 128 D throughout the 80s.
In the first part of the 90s, I watched a whole lot of movies and decided that I wanted to be a film producer. To begin with I aided with the start-up of a local cinema, which still stands this day, and then went on to writing movie reviews for the highly reclaimed movie magazine “Levende Billeder” (Living Images).

Later I graduated from the European Film College as a producer, and in the summer of 1998 founded Focus Film in Aarhus with three close friends, and made a couple of short films before we sold it about a year later with a staggering profit of 750 dollars in total.

Moved back to Copenhagen, and co-founded the game development company ViaMetropol in the spring of 1999. Our aim was to create the greatest MMORPG of all time, no less. But the lack of interest from investors with deep pockets forced us to terminate the company in the summer of 2000.

Since them I’ve graduated from three educations; New Media Manager, BSc in Medialogy and lastly an MSc in Multimedia Technology and Games from the IT-University of Copenhagen.

I am happily married and the very proud father of two wonderful kids – a super cool boy and an extremely funny little girl.

Currently, I hold the position as Product Owner of LEGO ID (Consumer ID) at LEGO in Denmark – where I try hard to make all the digital stuff we produce as easy and fun to use as possible.

For a longer list of my professional and educational merits go to LinkedIn.

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