About me

I’ve been a production runner on movies, a sound engineer on others and a producer on some.

I’ve started two production companies; one that made short films and one that made multiplayer online games. Sold one of the companies and dissolved the other.

I’ve written more movie reviews than I care to remember and I’ve completed three educations but am still hungry for more knowledge.

Currently, my day job is as Senior Innovation Manager at LEGO in Denmark – where I try hard to make all the digital stuff we produce as easy and fun to use as possible.

My passion is running two podcasts with my kids. Both are in Danish only.

Film og Søn (Film and Son): where I together with my teenage son review movies we watch together and I try to influence his taste in movies

Verdens Pinligste Far (The World’s Most Embarrassing Dad): short form fictional crazy stories written together with my kids about a dad that just does everything in the most embarrassing way

I’m a happy husband, a proud father, a slow runner, a passionate screenwriter, a jazz lover, a movie buff, an enthusiastic book collector and I possess a rare combination of an acute business sense combined with a creative mindset.

I try with the great help of my kids never to grow up and always remember to play and be curious about the world.

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Specialties: I am great at connecting the dots, and seeing patterns and value where others see noise.

For a longer list of my professional and educational merits go to LinkedIn and feel free to drop me a line anytime.